Looking for the reliable accident vehicle recovery in Surrey, Delta? Look to the team at Dad’s Roadside and Towing. No matter where you break down in Lower Mainland, you want to know that your emergency breakdown recovery 

services are quick and reliable, and respond as soon as you call. We have over ten years of experience in helping out with recovering vehicles after accidents, so we can help no matter the situation. So, when you’re experiencing a breakdown, the team at Dad’s Towing and Recovery is the team to call. 

Our friendly and reliable team has been trained to deal with all types of accident towing, whether it’s just a nose to tail accident, or more severe accidents involving several vehicles. We take great care in the roadside rescue, breakdown services and car towing services we offer – after all, vehicle accidents can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved.  

 Due to the urgency involved in vehicle and road accidents, a Towing and Recovery truck will be sent to the scene within the shortest amount of time possible to help. Our coordinators can also provide you with live tracking on the phone, so you know exactly when we will arrive. We will make sure your vehicle is secured as quickly as possible, and the scene clean-up is started when appropriate. We provide a warm and friendly service, especially when it comes to delicate situations such as a vehicle accident. You can count on our specialist advice and professional assistance to have your vehicle recovered from untimely accidents in Metro Vancouver.


Our experienced team have over 10 years of experience helping out Lower Mainland’s residents by providing them with speedy and efficient vehicle recovery services, and our fleet of well-equipped service trucks are ready to go at any time. 

We know the city, we know how to carry out our services in the most effective and efficient way, and we have a passion and level of skill in vehicle recovery that’s unmatched by our competitors. There’s no doubt that you can count on our team for all your vehicle recovery needs, so contact Dad’s Roadside and Towing now for recovery services you can depend on.

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