5 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

If you have be driving for some years you should have experienced switching the ignition only to be left with a stalling engine. One day the engine of your car perfectly functional but the other day it is completely stagnant. While you are going to take a few seconds to curse the whole universe, the next logical action is diagnosis. You need to know what has happened to your car between the last time you drove it and now! There are many reasons that cars refuse to start. In this article on Dad’s Towing weblog, we have brought you 5 major reasons why your car won’t start. So, by reading this article will be able to find the problem or maybe even solve it!

1.    Dead Battery

Battery is power source of your car which delivers electrical power to the radio, wipers and ignition. So, when the battery is out of power, it won’t be able to bring enough electricity to make the necessary parts to work properly.

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In the following we are going to introduce some reasons why your battery might be struggling:

  • The battery of your vehicle has completed its life span
  • Leaving your car for a long period of time
  • The headlights or cabin lights were left on while the car was turned off
  • Electricity is draining when your car is switched off (Also known as parasitic drain)
  • A loose wire has damaged the battery
  • Corrosion on terminals of your car battery
  • Exposing the battery to extreme temperatures
  • Internal moisture and heat exposure can cause poor conductivity

These are the main reasons that might cause your battery stop working. However, there might be many other reasons. By the way, if you think your battery is not working for any reason, just call Dad’s Towing to get you out of this trouble.

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In some cases, like when you haven’t used your car for a long time, Dad’s Towing can heal the battery and save you a lot of money.

2.    Weak Ignition Switch

As we mentioned earlier, dead battery is just the first thing you should check when your car is not starting. The second reason that might stop your car from starting is weak ignition switch. How to determine if the blame is on the battery or weak ignition switch? Can you fix that in place?

To notice if the problem is from the battery or not, turn the headlights on. If they didn’t turn on or they were weak, the problem is from battery side. Otherwise, you need to check for other reasons like weak ignition switch.

Sometimes you can fix faulty ignition switch in the place. But in some other cases, some part should be replaced. In these cases, your car should be towed! These is nothing to worry about. If it is the first time that your car is towed by Dad’s Towing Company, you will get 20% discount. In addition, your car will be securely towed, so no damages will be done to your vehicle.

3.    Blocked Fuel Filter 

The title clearly explains everything! Fuel filters have the responsibility to transfer clean and pure fuel to your car’s engine. When the filter is blocked, fuel won’t be able to reach the engine, and consequently, your car won’t start. To avoid these problems, we recommend you switch out the fuel filter every 15,000 t0 20,000 kilometers. Otherwise, you need to ask Dad’s Towing to help you!

4.    Problems in the Ignition Coil

Earlier in this article we talked about the relation of ignition and battery saying that a weak battery can’t supply enough power for ignition. What we are going to say in this part is that the ignition itself can be responsible for lack of car start. What coil do, is to convert the battery power into electrical spark to make the engine ignite. If the coil is broken down or this process is interrupted for any reason, the engine won’t receive any sparks so that your car won’t start.

Dad’s Towing specialists use multimeter to test your coil. If the coil is broken down, you are going to need a coil replacement and Dad’s Towing will tow your car.

5.    Fuel Pump Issues

The combustion cycle of cars relies on a very important part called fuel pump to burn the fuel. These pumps send fuel from the tank through the fuel rail to the injectors.After that,  Injectors have the responsibility to spray the fuel into engine’s cylinder combustion chamber. In other words, fuel pumps, transfer fuel from the tank to your car’s engine which helps your vehicle start. If the pump system is not working properly, you are going to be left with a dead car. In this case you cannot do anything in place except for calling Dad’s Towing.

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