Why You Should Hire a Professional Towing Company

If your car has ever been broken down, you should know how disappointing the situation can be. The situation can get even worse if you are in an unfamiliar area. Your car is broken down and left you stranded on the side of the road. We hope that you are not going to experience such situation any soon but what should you do if you are? The answer is easy! You need to call a roadside and towing services company like Dad’s Towing!

In this article we are going to say in what situations you need towing company, and how you should find an equipped towing company which can handle the problem in a short time. Actually, getting help from a company which is not properly equipped, can do more harm than good.

When you are asking a company for roadside assistance, you need to make sure that they take care of the safety protocols to avoid any damage to your car.

Reasons That Might Make You Ask for Towing

Firstly, you need to know the situations that you might need towing or roadside services.

We are not going to discuss them in detail and we have just listed some reason that you might need roadside assistance services or towing:

  • Flat Tier
  • Your vehicle ran out of fuel
  • Your car’s battery is dead
  • You have left your keys inside the car and the doors are locked out
  • You have an old car in your parking and you want to get rid of that
  • Something has blocked your driveway
  • Your car doesn’t start for any reason
  • You have had an accident and you cannot move your car

You can read about 5 main reasons why your car won’t start HERE

Characteristics of Good Towing Company

1.    A Towing Company Should Know How to Properly Use Tow Straps

As long as cars are heavy, low-quality tow straps can cause damage to your vehicle. If the tow strap shall not be proper for the car, it might snap and damage the car and the driver. So, a good towing company should use high-quality tow straps to avoid any property damage.

2.    A Good Tow Company Should Have Trucks for All Vehicle Types

How much a tow truck is appropriate for your vehicle, depends on your vehicle size. A good tow company is the one that can provide proper tow truck for vehicles with any size; However, some companies are working on a special field like heavy vehicles towing.

The suitability of the tow truck with the vehicle that needs help has a great impact on the costs and safety of both vehicles. Imagine your sedan needs to be towed; Assigning a wheel lift or hook and chain truck would be nice. Using a big flat bed truck might be more secure but will cost you more. On the other side, you cannot tow your boat with those wheel-lift trucks! You are going to need a flatbed or boom truck to carry your boat.

3.    Having Expert Drivers

Navigating a tow truck specially when hooking another vehicle, is not easy. To have your vehicle safely towed from point A to point B, you should hire a tow company which has qualified drivers.

A good tow truck driver should take care of following tips:

  • Carefully handle your car
  • Drive at appropriate speeds
  • Emergency lights should be on to alert other drivers
  • He should set your car to neutral to protect your wheels
  • The driver should be able to provide roadside assistance like fuel delivery, battery jump starts and lockout
  • He should let you know the details of the situation and protocols
  • The driver should break down costs for you
  • He must know how to use the equipment in the right way
  • Get the job efficiently and quickly done
  • The driver should be available 24/7

4.    A Good Towing Company Uses High-Quality Professional Equipment

Use of poor equipment can cause any damage to your vehicle. As some equipment that a non-professional lacks, we can mention:

  • Dollies are a quick and secure way of transporting front wheel drive vehicles which ensures all four wheels are off the ground

Towing with dollies in BC

  • Trailers: Carrying the whole weight of your vehicles, no matter it is a sedan or bigger vehicles, a trailer takes all four wheels of your vehicle off the ground which lets the driver drive at higher speeds which results in faster transportation

trailer towing

Good Towing Near Me

Earlier in this article we indicated some situations that you might need towing and roadside assistance services. We also said some main characteristics of a good towing company.

In this part we are going to introduce a towing company which provides you with all the nice features which were mentioned above. Dad’s Roadside Assistance and Towing will get you out of any unexpected trouble just in a blink.

Our area of service is as below:

  • Roadside service and towing in Vancouver
  • Towing and roadside service in Delta
  • Roadside service and towing in New Westminster
  • Towing and roadside service in Surrey
  • Roadside service and towing in Burnaby
  • Towing and roadside service in Richmond

All you need to get out of trouble, is to call us and we will be there in the shortest possible time.

To sum up, a non-professional towing comapny not only cannot help you, but can bring you more trouble. So, make read this article carefully and make the right decision. 

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